Readymade Tools and all Toolmaking components for hunters, fishermen, bushcraft enthusiasts and collectors.

Readymade Tools and all Toolmaking components for hunters, fishermen, bushcraft enthusiasts and collectors.

All of OUR Tools are made from the very best Carbon, Damascus, Laminated, Semi Stainless or Stainless Steel. With handles or scales to compliment the style of the steel blank and hand sewn wet moulded sheaths that are purely to our patterns and designs. Costs range from £75-£800 for a complete item including sheath.

Our materials are sourced from sustainable areas of the world, such as the UK, America, Scandinavia, Africa and Australia. We use coloured Vulcanised Fibre, Acrylics, Brass, Nickel Silver, Moose, Woolly Mammoth, Reindeer Antler spacers and caps, with different types of bolsters that add extra style.

We have plenty of UK woods standing in planks as well as Micarta and Acrylics in sheet form, ready to be used, so handle sizes are not a problem.
Every tool and its components are gathered and matched at the time of making, together with an individually hand sewn and wet moulded vegetable tanned leather sheath. There will be some slight variation in the design and no two units will be quite the same.

We are always coming up with new ideas and shapes using the very latest materials and techniques with over 140 tools in our collection.


This gives customers the opportunity to create their own tool and sheath in many ways, handles and blades may be swapped during the making process, you can also choose various dye colours and the option for left or right handed persons are available.
There is no mass production line, just dedicated craftsmen treating each tool and sheath as pieces of living and working art. For costs please contact us for a free estimate.

You can order tools, tool kits and all tool making parts and accessories from our online shop or call us to discuss your particular needs.

Readymade tools, you can order any of our tools online, subject to your age and availability. If the tool you require is out-of-stock you can order it via email and we will make it, however payment is required as the making process begins.
Bespoke making service, please state your requirements, then upon the receipt of your order, we will first of all email/post you back a costing with any recommendations regarding your choice of blade, handle materials and sheath design with a final price. If this is acceptable payment must be made. When the tool is ready, pictures will be sent to you for your approval. If you are happy with the result, then it will be despatched via secure post.

Gift Vouchers are now available and range from £5 - £100 and can be purchased from our online shop.

We can accept credit cards via the telephone, UK cheque's, Bank Transfers and PayPal.

English Handmade Knives is bound by United Kingdom Law. It will be changed by the end of April 2018 and it will not be possible to send knives through the post to a home address. We only sell tools. See our website.
If there is any doubt as to your age and identity, your order will not be accepted.

For more information please contact Chris Matthews on 01797 369100

We can supply:

Blades: Hand forged and factory made using Stainless, Carbon, D2 (semi stainless), O1 Tool Grade, Laminated and Damascus steel
Tool making kits
Folding tool kits
Folding tool parts
Fire steels
Leather and Kydex
Sheath making tools
Sheaths and pouches
Stabilised wood blocks and scales for knife handles
Spacers and liners
Polishes and waxes
Epoxy Resins, super glues and adhesives
Brass and Nickel Silver Bolsters, Endcaps and Mosaic pins
Bolts and Rivets
Lanyard tubing
Horn, Bone, Antler scales, strikers and handles

Best Selling Items

Red Fibre 0.8mm


Red Fibre 0.8mm 8002


Sizes vary approximately 210x 150mm.

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Black Fibre 0.8mm


Black Fibre 0.8mm 8011


Sizes vary approximately 210x 150mm.

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Black Bog Oak


Black Bog Oak TL-BBO


Size 125mm x 40mm x 28mm.

Botanical name: Quercus robur

Origin: England

Dryness: Kiln dried
The picture shown is lighter than the stock. Inky black with a significantly higher density and hardness than ordinary oak, bog oak was created when prehistoric forests were submerged under water and silt in anaerobic conditions thousands of years ago. This stock has been carbon dated and is at least 3300 years old.

The black colour is a chemical reaction between the tannin in the oak and ferrous compounds in the water.

Bog oak is one of the most difficult woods to dry. A very large percentage of material is lost in the drying process and this largely explains the price.

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Red Fibre 1.5mm


Red Fibre 1.5mm 8003


Sizes vary approximately 210x 150mm.

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Cocobolo EHW-CoCo


Blocks suitable for scales, spacers or a knife handle.

Size: 25 x 40 x 125mm. Thicknesses vary slightly from block to block.

These blocks have some unusual markings and if used carefully this woulld look stunning used on Fultabg blades, or a carefull sculpted handle.

A true rosewood with stunning figure and colouring from light yellow to deep red or reddish brown to black brown.
Dense and heavy Cocobolo can be finished to the highest shine.

Part seasoned.

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Polyester Mother of Pearl Scales


Polyester Mother of Pearl Scales GPS-MO-S


Dimensions: 6 x 40 x 125mm sold only as a pair.

Drills and sands like any other Polyester but not must get to hot in the making process.

This will polish up and look very unusual.

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Mosaic Pin 4mm PS-M4


Mosaic Pin 4mm PS-M4 PS-4mm-M4


4mm x 78mm. Difficult to photograh due to the size. This pin will turn any bolster or endcap into something special

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BladeBond Ultra


BladeBond Ultra AOP-U


A new Resin 4oz Kit from the USA.

BladeBond Ultra is an unadulterated high performance Polyamine based epoxy system designed to give superior results under extreme conditions. BladeBond Ultra exhibits outstanding permanence on a wide variety of surfaces including hard to bond substrates like oily woods and some thermoplastics. BladeBond Ultra will NEVER shrink and is formulated to retain flexibility under all environmental circumstances. Ultra is measured and mixed in a convenient 1:1 ratio by volume, and has a pot life of 45 min, at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Usable cure is achieved in 12 hours, but can be force cured at 125 degrees in 2 hours.. When fully cured BladeBond Ultra can be machined, drilled and tapped, and is totally immune to, and unaffected by water, rot and most common solvents and chemicals.

We have tested this product in our workshop and it works especially well when bonding Woolly Mammoth Ivory to Damascus Fultang blades.

Any excess resin can be removed with Acetone before it cures.

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Brass Corby Bolts 1/4


Brass Corby Bolts 1/4  LOM-B-1/4


Head diameter 1/4 (6.3 mm) depth 1/4, middle 4.60 x 8.5mm. Fits EnZo fulltangs.

Sold as a single peice

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Corby Bolt Drill and Mill Set 1/4 inch


Corby Bolt Drill and Mill Set 1/4 inch 7701


Drill and miller cutter to fit precisely the Corby Bolt shank and shoulder.

Custom made for Corby's.

Head 1/4, pilot drill bit 4.6 mm

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Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy - Flow-Mix 25ml


Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy - Flow-Mix 25ml JPDEV31345


2500 psi Strength


Can be tinted with pigments

30 minute set time - 8-12 hr hour cure time


84 Fl. Oz (25ml)

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Yellow Fibre 0.8mm


Yellow Fibre 0.8mm 8075


Sheet size 250mm x 125mm

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New Products



Veg-protec ID-VP


Made from natural beeswax and walnut oil. Easy to apply leather butter to give surface protection, water repellency and conditioning to veg tanned leather. Lightly work in with a lint free cloth and buff.


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Micro Brass Corby Bolts


Micro Brass Corby Bolts 3743


Perfect for all types of fultang blades.

Head 3/16 ( 4,7 mm) Middle 3 mm

Sold as a single peice

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Micro Brass Corby Bolts


Micro Brass Corby Bolts 3741


Perfect for all types of fultang blades.

Head 3/16 ( 4,7 mm) Middle 3 mm

Sold as a single peice

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Nessmuk Sheath 125


Nessmuk Sheath 125 1583


Fits the Brisa Nessmuck 125

Very well made with Premium grade 3 mm thick and substantial welt from Spanish leather with a thick sewing thread.

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Desert Ironwood Scales Set 18


Desert Ironwood Scales Set 18 TX-DIW


The scales were photograhed in strong sunlight to reveal their true beauty.


It now has cost to import this latest set £50.00 per set... its the Shipping and British Customs that are making it expensive.

Dimensions: 127 x 45 x 10mm

Very detailed burls and grain. Quite Dark but very good quality.

Sold only as a book matched pair.

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Olivewood Neck Knife Block


Olivewood Neck Knife Block TL-Olive-NB


Dimensions 125 x 23 x 25. Perfect for a complete knife handle or spacers, sands and polishes up really well.

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Acrylic Blue, Gold and Pearl Swirl Block


Acrylic Blue, Gold and Pearl Swirl Block 8650-3


Dimensions: 25 x 40 x 125mm.

Brilliant material to work with, this new block will produce a stunning set of scales or a carved handle.

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Alan Wood Original

Alan Wood Original


Style: Hunting and General Bushcraft Work

Made between 1991-1997. Engraved bolster by Bill Sinclair, a Scottish engraver that worked at Holland and Holland.


Blade: 82 x 20 x 4mm at bolster tapering to 0.5mm at each end.
Grind: Flat with a small secondary bevel
Steel: 12c27
Total length: 200mm
Handle Material: Desert Ironwood
Bolsters: Hand engraved Nickel Silver
Fixing Pins: Nickel Silver
Sheath: Handmade with substantial Welt.

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