The Woodside Hunter

Specifications and Materials

Style: Hunting and Multi-purpose.

Blade: Length: 125mm Stainless Steel, Total length: Fultang 250mm, Thickness: 5.1mm, Grind: Scandi with slight secondary bevel, Finish: Gloss.

Handle: Stabilised Spalted Beech, bottle style shape. Wood held to blade with Corby Bolts and Epoxy Resin, standard quater inch brass lanyard. Handle has treated with Carnauba wax and highly polished.

Sheath: Western Style. Vegetable tanned leather 3mm thick moulded to match blade, special belt loop, hand stitched, dyed light/dark brown and polished with Aussie Wax. Snug fit for retention.

Delivery: 8 Weeks from the acceptance of order.

Price: £167.00


The above price does not include post and packing. Please read about knives and the law.
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