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Specifications and Materials

Style: Hunting and bushcrafting

EnZo Ursus 90 /O1 tool steel (3.5x25x90 mm with a scandi grind). Incredibly sharp. Total length of complete knife 220mm

Heavy duty brass bolster with deep finger guard and Thya Burl handle. Treated with CCL handle polish and buffed using Carnauba wax producing a high gloss finish.

Sheath: Western: 3mm vegetable tanned leather, wet moulded to knife, dyed saddle tan, with snap loop for extra security when in use. Treated with Aussie wax to give extra waterproofing and suppleness when used in the hunting or bushcrafting environment.

Delivery: 4-8 Weeks from the acceptance of order


Price: £165.25


Seafront Mk2 - The same design as above but using Quilted Ash for the handle and a small brass retaining pin to add extra style

Price: £165.30


Seafront with Damascus blade - The same design and handle materials as the original version but substituting the EnZo blade for an AE Damascus version, slightly shallower finger guard and modified handle shape

Price: £185.00


Seafront with Sallowroot - The same design as the original version but substituting the wood for Sallowroot with a slightly shallower finger guard.

Price: £165.00


Seafront with Turkish Walnut - The same design as the original version but substituting the wood for Turkish Walnut (more commonly used for gun stocks) with a finger guard made of bronze and slightly shallower than the original.

Price: £165.00


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