The Kildimo Hunting Knife Set

Specifications and Materials

Style: General Hunting and Bushcraft Work.

Larger Blade: From Dorset Woodland Blades - DWC Large O1 Tool Steel. Blade length 100mm x 25mm x 3mm. Total length 218mm. Scandi Grind. With special Brass Ferule, Mosaic Fixing Pins and Lanyard Tube.

Smaller Blade: From Dorset Woodland Blades - DWC Small O1 Tool Steel. Blade length 75mm x 2.5mm. Total length 165mm. Scandi Grind.

Scales: 6mm Acrylic Mahogany Burl for both blades - Brass Corbys.

Sheath: Special twin version 3mm veg tanned leather wet moulded to fit both knives, with a double belt loop and Nickel Plated fittings. Dyed Darked Brown to match Scales, then treated with Aussie Wax and buffed to a high shine.

Delivery: AVAILABLE NOW or if out of stock 8 Weeks from the acceptance of order.

Price: £285.00


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