The Premium Burwash Bowie

Specifications and Materials

Style: Hunting and Bushcraftwork.

Blade: Texas Bowie Damascus Raindrop 175mm, Depth: 34mm, Thickness: 3.75mm, Overall length: Includes tang 310mm, Steel: Raindrop Damascus Carbon Steel 176 layers, Grind: Scandi with slight secondary bevel.

Handle: Double Brass Bolster with inset finger guard, Stabilised Maple dyed Green, with a brass divider and end cap solid brass which is held in postion with two Mosaic Pins, and has been treated with CCL knife handle polish and finished with Carnuba Wax.

Firesteel: Made using a 9mm Carbon Rod and a section taken from the same block of wood as the handle, comes with a lanyard and leather tab for securing it to the sheath.

Sheath: Western style: Hand sewn 4mm veg tanned leather, wet moulded to the blade with a knife retention snap loop, special pin to retain firesteel and a two postion belt loop, dyed Black and treated with Aussie Wax to give suppleness and protection against the elements.

Delivery: Eight weeks from the acceptance of order.

Price: £330.00

The above price does not include post and packing. Please read about knives and the law.

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