Specifications and Materials

Style: Bushcrafting/Multi-purpose


Blade: EnZo Camper 125 D2 Steel, Scandi grind with secondary bevel. Size 125 x 26 x 3.6mm (Razor Sharp). Total length of complete knife 245mm.


Handle: Ambonia Burl fabulous colouring with that intricate graining, brass corby bolts, highly finished with deep shine using CCL Oil and a final buffing using Carnuba wax.


Firesteel: Everest: 65 x 10mm comes with its own lanyard and top made from same wood as handle.


Sheath: New style of western sheath, moulded to fit knife with snap shut on the blade side to hold knife in with special firesteel sleeve, treated with Aussie waterproofing wax dyed mid brown to match handle, also has easy on-off belt loop.


Delivery: 4-8 Weeks from the acceptance of order


Price: £198.75

The Brenzett Mk2 uses the same blade as above, but has gray dyed Camel Bone scales and stainless steel Corby Bolts and does not come with a matching firesteel.

Price: £170.75


The Brenzett Mk3 uses the same blade as above, but has Ambonia Burl scales a centre Mosaic pin and Brass Corby Bolts comes with a matching fire steel lanyard cords and a special brass trigger snap for easy on-off use.

Price: £210.75

The above prices do not include post and packing. Please read about knives and the law.
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