Specifications and Materials

Style: Hunting/Bushcrafting/Multi-purpose


Blade: EnZo Trapper 95 Stainless Steel, Scandi grind with secondary bevel. Size 95mm x 25mm x 3.6mm     (Razor Sharp).


Handle: Cross cut Curly Birch stabilised and dyed brown, fabulous graining with that fire quality, stainless steel corby bolts, highly finished with deep shine using CCL Oils.


Sheath: New style of western sheath, moulded to fit knife with wrap around snap strap to hold knife in sheath


Delivery: 4-8 Weeks from the acceptance of order


Price: £177.00


The Betshanger with firesteel.
Specifications are the same as above but with the addition of an Everest firesteel made from the same wood as the handle, plus a special pocket sewn into the sheath to carry this fantastic fire starting implement.

Price: £199.00


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