Specifications and Materials

Style: Hunting, Bushcraft work and food preparation.


Blade: Enzo Camper D2 Scz. Blade length: 125mm (5 inches) Blade width: 26mm
Blade thickness: 3.6mm Total: 245mm  Finish: Satin


Handle: Imitation Abalone shell with green liners and Aluminium Corby Bolts. Scale thickness 5mm. Highly Polished and easy to maintain.


Sheath: Hand sewn: 3mm veg tanned leather wet moulded to fit knife for a perfect snap fit, then dyed to compliment the knife handle with a simple back belt loop. It has been treated with Aussie Wax providing suppleness and waterproofing.


Delivery: 6 Weeks from the acceptance of order.


Price: £130.00


The above price does not include post and packing. Please read about knives and the law.
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